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ToTGC 10 - Faction Champions + Twin Val'kyrs

We pwn the light and the dark!

Tuesday 26th February saw the guild venture once more into ToTGC 10. We cleared Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus without wipes then earned our first kill of Faction Champions on the second try of the night.

We then went on and killed the Twin Val'kyrs on our first night of trying them. This was also done quickly and left us with 43/50 tries remaining.

We began attempts on Anub'arak but unfortunately ran out of time :( This progress leaves us at 4/5 ToTGC now with only Anub'arak left to down on heroic. At the rate we are going we're also very close to getting the tribute chests too, so keep an eye here and we'll update you with what happens next time!

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