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Ulduar 10 Hardmode Progress

Thorim and Flame Leviathan HM down!

On Thursday 19th November we headed to Ulduar and downed Thorim hardmode having almost done it by accident a few days before. Unfortunately our photographer got a bit too excited and forgot to take a picture.... See our Guildox page for the achievement anyway!

Following this kill we moved onto Freya and tried her with 2-elders, downing her first time with 9-people (early healer death) earning the Knock, Knock on Wood achievement.

On Wednesday 25th November the guild celebrated its third birthday with another new kill. This time it was Flame Leviathan 4-towers. After finding a tactic that worked for us it took half an hour of tries to down him. Thankfully, the photographer kept her head and the result was....

So that's our third Ulduar 10 hardmode completed. Next up come Freya, Hodir and Iron Council. Watch this space... :)

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