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Ulduar 10

Mimiron owned!

On Thursday 3rd September a team of raiders set foot in a fresh Ulduar 10 instance. They killed Flame Leviathan, XT, Four Horsemen, Kologarn, Auriaya, Hodir, Thorim..... oh yeah, and Mimiron! Our arch-nemesis died on an amazing second try of the night thanks to the hardwork and dedication of our raider. This would not have been possible were it not for the brilliant quality of raiders we have, and for all of those people who have helped us get this far - the original Ulduar 10 team, the guildies who have set up or participated in the vast number of heroics recently, and the people who have cheered us on from the sidelines. Thank you to you all :)

So we're now at 11/14 Ulduar 10 and General Vezax is next on our target list. We'll see you there soon!

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