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The mystery fun event of 02-02-2008 has been completed

The event

People were asked to find seven items (list here), and a Blood Elf warlock, and return to Rahven with the items and an emotion (or emote) the warlock gave them. The items could be found all over Azeroth, as they were not specific, just items with a certain adjective in them.

The warlock

The Blood Elf warlock was sitting at the graveyard almost dead in the middle of the Eastern plaguelands. While sitting there she witnessed at least one of the contenders run by and take a wrong turn, therefore not spotting her. (That was Fragem :).

After a few more hints were given as to her whereabouts Pubfoot was the first to find here and receive his emote: a smile. Kiaana (in the guise of Gwynawr) was next, receiving some signs of anger, while Fragem was close behind with a giggle. Drusus also came by, getting a wicked grin for his effort. Finally the Elf was already sort of letting her mind wander as Nyanna came by and got a well-deserved roar.

In Ironforge

Rahven was waiting in Ironforge to receive the images of the items. Kiaana got there first, with all the items and the emote, winning the first prize: 150g. Second prize (75g) went to Pubfoot and Ribeyed, very surprisingly considering their great skill at arguing. The final prize of 25g went to Nyanna and Calla, after one hour and twenty minutes of searching, ending the event.

Everybody seems to have had a great time, and we're really glad you enjoyed it. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Mystery Fun Event.

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