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Hello avid reader! It's been go go go around here lately, so many dungeons so little time! However, today we concern ourselves with Zul'Aman. Our success with Nalorakk has already been documented, but we are now felling this boss within his timer limit - more loot for us, always a good thing. We certainly haven't been idle in the time between reports, however. So fetch yourself a cuppa and a slice of cake, settle down comfortably and read on.

With the bear now defeated we turned our attention to Akil'zon. We traversed the gauntlet easily enough all it takes is a well placed trap or sheep a bit of organisation and the Amanshi Tempest doesn't have too long to trouble us with his waves of mobs. Once on his platform we spread out and our tank went in. This is a fun fight - every so often he calls birds, which swoop down taking health from random players, he also throws someone up in the air for a couple of seconds, but by far the most fun is the 'hokey cokey' you have to do. As he casts a storm that lifts up someone in the raid all the rest of the raid need to gather underneath him. We found it was easier to run in before he cast and then run back out afterwards. You do the hokey cokey and you turn around, that's what it's all about, ohhh hokey..ahem, er I digress... Anyway down he went and although we haven't managed it within his timer yet, we are planning to do so soon.

A couple more patrols took us to the beginning of Halazzi's section of jungley temple along the way using the Hex wands to unhex the various frogs, which hopped around dolefully ribbitting. Some of them hand over a charm to help you on your way - awww.

The path to Halazzi's temple is littered with packs of lynx and their various handlers, some elites some not and to the right of the entrance there is a hut, which once emptied contains a prisoner who is both a quest and repairs your gear. Why he sticks around once you've freed him is a little odd, but hey - maybe he had gotten too used to the jungle air. Lynx to the left of us, crocs to the right, here we are stuck in the middle with yoouu..(edit: maybe I should stop listening to the radio when I do these)

Once you get to the entrance of the temple you can get through the door without pulling the groups either side and there he is, with his groups of guards. We took them down quickly and three pulls later and we engage the big Lynx himself. He periodically splits himself into two giving us a "spirit" lynx to get down before re-joining. He also drops corrupted totems, which have a pretty deadly chain lightening so we had to be fast to get those down too. However, he isn't actually too difficult once you get on top of the totems and we got him down fairly easily.

So, we pressed on to the Dragonhawk boss - Jan'alai and he became a fair thorn in our sides for a couple of weeks. For one thing the lead up to him is short, but fraught with dnager as scouts continually spawn in the huts along the way and if not gotten down within a couple of seconds will run off to summon two elites, which you really dont want to happen when you are already on a group of dragonhawks and handlers. With a little rooting and a lot of watching we made our way to his platform.

To both his sides he has hatchery platforms filled with his delightful dragonhawk offspring, which could be considered almost beautiful it they weren't trying to burn your face off. He calls on hatchers to come and hatch the eggs during the fight and there is a fine balance to be struck between how many eggs to hatch each time. He also flames random people and throws bombs al over his platform. Not something you want happening when you are dealing with his 'kids'. As if that wasn't enough you have to deal with all this within ten minutes or he'll kill you - he'll kill you gooood!

He did hold us up until we eventually began hatching a whole side at a time, which although sometimes messy, does mean we have plenty of folks dps-ing him down and plenty of time to do it in once they are out of the way. He is now officially on 'farm' for us. So alls well that ends well.

Which, leads us neatly onto Hex Lord Malacrass. We have cleared to him and tried him once and have gone back to the drawing board as it were, but each week we go back to Zul'Aman we get that bit swifter at each boss and he is our next target boss. Hopefully it won't be long before I am bringing news of the take down to you. Watch this space and all that. For now however, over and out. How was the tea and cake by the way?

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