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Ancient lore, for those who read it, will tell the tale of the forefathers of the High Elves. This race became addicted to the arcane powers they twisted with such skill and eventually this abuse corrupted them so far that they were banished from the shores of Kalimdor. Seeking to find a new home and source of power they sailed to the Eastern Kingdoms where they landed on the shores of the beautiful Lordaeron. Upon exploring further inland they were struck by the verdant woodland, which reminded them so much of their forsaken homeland they decided to settle and build their new home there. As is the case with any refugees the land they had cast their eyes over had been claimed by others. The native forest trolls of the Amani empire sought to repell this invasion. The elves' control of the arcane proved to be far more powerful than anything the trolls could muster and the Amani were forced south by these powerful new enemies. The kingdon of Quel'Thalas was built upon land, which had been a home to the forest trolls for millennia, breeding hatred and resentment.

This hatred and resentment seethed throughout the years as the trolls amassed an enormous army, which unleashed an attack upon Quel'Thalas, an attack of such ferocity and with such huge numbers that even the elves' arcane mastery could not stand against them. In a desperate bid to save Quel'Thalas the elves allianced with humans trading their knowledge of the arcane in return for aid. The tide of the conflict was turned and no quarter was given to the troll warbands, scattering the tribes, once more.

But hatred and resentment were never quelled by defeat in battle and the brutally cunning warlord Zul'jin still had scores to settle...

Zul'jin had refused the aid of the Horde beleiving he did not need assistance in routing the pale skinned elves from his homelands, but the Horde had attempted on numerous occasions to offer further aid to the forest trolls. Finally, the orcs proved to be worthy to Zul'jin by rescuing a group of Trolls. This was shortly before the Second War began and Zul'jin agreed to become Horde so with thier new found might once again the trolls set forth to reclaim their lands. Yet it was not Quel'Thalas which fell to the Horde! The assault on Quel'Thalas had been abandoned in favour of an attack on the humans. Zul'jin was furious at this betrayal, he and his number stayed behind to fight the elves, slaughtering them by the hundred, but he was captured. The warlord was chained to a pillar and tortured relentlessly, losing an eye, but not his cunning. When a small troll warband attacked his captors he cut off his own arm with a spear to make his escape. He returned home remaining hidden by the walls of Zul'Aman.

Years later, word filtered through those walls that the high elves had nearly been exterminated by the Scourge. The hatred bubbled in his heart, anger seethed behind his eyes afresh and he saw his opportunity to finally, avenge himself and his people. Imagine his outrage when he learnt that enemy now calling themselves 'Blood Elves' had allied with the Horde? Fury howled inside him as the witch doctor Malacrass approached him with a devious plan to exterminate the elves once and for all.

Malacrass had been studying the Zandalari high preists and had learned of their ability to call upon animal gods. He had then learnt that the elves had somehow managed to magically bind one of the ancient Naaru to channel the power of light into their number. If the elves could do this, then why could not the trolls? Why not seal the power of animal gods within the bodies of the Amani's strongest warriors? Zul'jin could only approve of the idea and so Malacra began his experiments.

Finally success came in the form of Nalorakk:aspect of the bear, Akil'zon: aspect of the eagle, Jan'alai: aspect of the dragonhawk and Halazzi: aspect of the linx. It is also assumed that the witch doctor has bound something to his own soul, but none have lived long enough to return and tell that tale. And so in the dark, primal woodland of Zul'Aman these aspects await along with the powerful Malacrass and the mighty Zul'jin himself plotting and pushing their borders outward little by little. Any who venture within this domain are slaughtered and eaten if they are not swift or quick witted enough. It is rumoured that bands of Blood Elves still survive in the forest, hoping heroes will come to end Zul'jin and granting aid to any who would try.


With such a dramatic and deep seated WoW Lore it is not surprising that the instance of Zul Aman has been much awaited and anticipated by the raiding fraternity. So what happened the first time the Raiders of the Lost Orc stepped through the gates?

Upon stepping over the border to Zul Aman you are instructed to bang the gong in unison to open the gateway to the kingdom. Several non-elite and Elite trolls attack when the gate swings open and we quickly brought them down. Looking around we followed the path to the right, which leads to Nalorakk. The trash on the way fell relatively easily and soon we were confronted with the boss. He changes forms from troll to bear and needs some fancy footwork by the tanks within the group to keep his attention turned from the raid. Posessing what seems like an insane amount of health this encounter had to be reset by us a couple of times before we got all our timings right. Once engaged it is a relatively simple tank and spank. Our tanks of the night did their job perfectly and allowed the casters to unleash the full force of their fire, ice, shadow and arcane powers upon the boss assisted by arrow and claws of course. So within an hour we had downed our fisrt Zul Aman boss. He dropped Jungle Stopers and our very first Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner for the guild! He also provided the raid with a badge of honour each.

Moving on from him we found the next rise to the left of the original entrance where we found a lookout. Once you pull him he begins a gauntlet style event, whereby pairs of eleite trolls are summoned from behind periodically, groups of eagles swoop downwards in between trolls and there are pairs of trolls up the path on the way. This all continues until you take down the single Amani'shi Tempest waiting at the top of the path. This took some deft co-ordination of crowd control aoe and dps.

There are very few, if any breaks for mana and it is vital that dps is quick enough and on the ball enough to take verything down before mana bars vanish. We did, however get to the top and stood face to face with Akil'zon the eagle boss. Akil'zon is as tricky as his lead up event. He periodically casts a storm, which requires the raid to 'hokey kokey' back and forth under the person who is held aloft by lightening. He also calls eagles, which dive bomb the raid randomly. It is extremely diffcult to get these birds down and they can cast people into the air form time to time too. We wiped a couple of times whilst working out the timings of this, but we got him down to 26% on our last try. When we re-entered the gauntlets was once again repopulated and we elceted to take the strategy tweaking to the forum.

All in all Zul Aman is a massive amount of fun, the bosses are not completely unattainable and it is great to have some new strategies to deal with. The addition of badges to all the bosses is a boon and of course everyone is wanting one of those bear mounts! I for one can't wait to get back in there as trees and water make a refreshing change and it really is stunningly beautiful.

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