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And so they came, these few, these elite, these heroes of Azeroth. Fresh from the kills of Karazhan, some still smelling slightly of ectoplasm (one of worse, but hey lets not embarrass the kid right?). As the sun set over Stormwind so they began to enter the city, what could be bringing them here? Were there monsters to vanquish? Had the undead begun to run riot in the city once again? Their purpose was unclear, what was clear was that the men were wearing dresses....

What was about to be unleashed upon the residents of Stormwind they could have had no idea, no warning to these poor folk. how could they have known that it was R and R time for Raiders of the Lost Orc? How could they have been prepared for the abject horror of.. Dodgeball!

Well.. ok so the intro might had been a smidge over the top, but you didn't know what was coming though did you? Here is the scoop.. two teams, all in different coloured dresses, masses upon masses of leather balls and a relatively quiet park area. What do these all make? Apart from ball jokes with varying degrees of decency - more fun than a barrel of monkeys with party hats and loads of cash to spend.

Being able to hear the shrieks of "No! how did I get all these balls?" on Teamspeak could only have added to the fun. Some chose to run around throwing balls faster than the eye could see, some chose to stealh and ninja ball people and at the end of an instense 15 minutes of clicking and running and squealing, we all counted what was in our bags. The blue/red team won the first round and as if that had not been chaotic enough we then decided that the next stop should be the Trade district.

In my attempts to try and catch some shots of the action - I ended up getting blatted with a flurry of balls from Kytia. Fortunately for me Esaja turned up to cast his own flurry of ball impending doom and I was able to palm all mine off in the ensueing exchange. I continued to stealth around Stormwind to find somehwere ball free to hide....unsure of where everyone else, including my team mates were.

Time was running out and those with balls were wailing about having balls and those without were chortling in their hiding places. All I can say about the resultant ball count up is that Stormwind must be crawling with thieves because we came up 80 short. Not to be found anywhere. All I can think is that some poor sod went off to raid with a ton of slots full.. or that 80 people got up in the morning wondering where the bloody hell that ball came from?!

Rumour has it that the next round will include drinking beforehand.. lord only knows what we will end up throwing then!

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