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Heart of Fear - Garalon


On Thursday 20th December and with Christmas quickly looming on the horizon, we decided to maximise our progress time this week and head straight into Heart of Fear. Imperial Vizier and Blade Lord bit the dust quickly and left us with plenty of time to hit Garalon. We were a little apprehensive, largely down to bad LFR experiences, but we knuckled down and tried some different combinations of kiters to see what worked best for us. In the end we went with 1 healer and 1 DPS kiting along with the tanks. That allowed an extra DPS free-reign on the boss and it was enough to bring us a kill, one second before the enrage timer..... /phew. The kill occurred in our 23rd ever pull of Garalon.

Kill shot shows us as 8-strong. We weren't, we just had two very keen raiders who buggered off to the next boss before this could be taken...

This kill saw us hit 9/16 for the tier and 18th on server. Not bad for a guild that only raids twice a week for 6.5 hours total, eh?

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