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Mogu'Shan Vaults - Gara'jal the Spiritbinder and Spirit Kings

RoTLO Double Bill

On Monday 29th October we headed back into MV for some new boss attempts. Gara'jal was a fight that seemes very difficult at first but quickly got easier and easier as we learned how to control the spirits. Once we had our team sorted for that and our amazing healers Tuff and Zank doing a great job of 2-healering it we were away. We killed Gara'jal on our 9th pull of the night.

Once his ugly ass was down we moved onto the Spirit Kings. What a fun fight! We gradually progressed through the different mobs, adapting as they came in different orders each try, and then downed the encounter in true RoTLO tradition, on the last try of the night. This also happened to be only our 13th pull of this boss.

That productive week leaves us at 4/6 MV, and in the top 20 guilds on the server for 10 man progress. We have just Elegon and the Will of the Emperor to go and shall be starting work on these on 5/11 so watch this space.

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