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Dragon Soul - Warmaster Blackhorn, Spine of Deathwing and Madness of Deathwing

Finishing off in DS normal

After a lovely break for Christmas and New year we headed back into DS on Tuesday 10th January and killed Warmaster Blackhorn. A good start to 2012!

Soon after, on Monday 23rd January we headed back in for our first successful Deathwing encounter - Spine. A very satisfying fight that just fell into place one raid, we all enjoyed the manicness and the great increase in difficulty from the Raid finder version.

Last up came one awesome raid on Monday 13th February. Our Valentine's present to ourselves, a kill of the final boss of Deathwing - madness. We ended up having an extremel;y smooth kill on the first try of the evening. Our 23rd pull overall.

And with that, we finished DS normal :)

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