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Firelands - Alysrazor and Majordomo


On Thursday 6th October after a few weeks of RL taking us away from raiding we headed back into Firelands with the goal of downing Alysrazor.

We bumped off the easy bosses pretty quickly then set to work on the firey bugger. It took a few attempts to refine our technique but we could see we were making progress and sure enough, Alysrazor went down.

No mount though, bastard!

We had 20 minutes of raid time left so went to get some practice attempts on Majordomo. Or so we thought.

Our first attempt on Majordomo, with none of us really knowing what was going on, we got him to 50%. So we stayed a few minutes late and had a second attempt, which turned out to be a kill. Yep, second attempt!

So we stand at 6/7 Firelands now. Just Raggy to go! Expect news soon. Our thanks to all who have helped us get this far, and big love to Dani for last night

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