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Al'Akir and Nefarian (insert something not rude about blowing here)

Tier 11 finished :)

On Monday 18th July after a few Firelands trash runs and Shannox attempts keeping us busy we decided to head back to the older content and finish it off. First up was Al'akir, who was so unbelievably easy after the nerf the shock made us forget to take a pic :( Here's a consolation screenie:

Our raiders are so prim and proper...

Al'akir was down on the first attempt post-patch. Pretty frustrating as we'd started coming close (phase 3) before the patch and the whole fight was then trivialised. Still, we moved onto Nefarian and we'd not attempted him at all before... It was still a tricky but very fun fight that required a few attempts to master. Props to those who downed him pre-patch

So that was us finished on the old content. Thanks for coming along for the ride chaps, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Keep your eyes open for Firelands news soon - at the time of writing we have Shannox to an agonising 1% so it won't be long now!

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