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Omnitron and Halfus down!

More boss killing antics from RoTLO

On Tuesday 8th February we headed back to BWL to have a serious talk with the Omnitron Defence System. We meant business and weren't up for any of their crap this time!

As you can see we got a beautiful picture before people hearthed and totally didn't have to do a badly 'shopped kill pic. No, definitely not.

So onwards and upwards we headed to Bastion of Twilight and to good old bike-seller Halfords Wyrmbreaker. Yup, we killed him. On our 5th ever try. /epic flex

You might have the bikes and sat navs but we got the power!

Watch this space for more raiding news from RoTLO very soon. In the meantime, 3/12, woo!

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